Andy Yoder, Jeff Miller, & Glen Miller,Turkey 2006: "Thanks a lot for all you did to make a very enoyable and memorable hunt. We had a great time out here without even incuding the hunt...Wish you all the best and keep up the good work!



Ray Camp, 2006 Deer Hunt: Thanks for the first class hunt...the extra effort you guys put forward to make this hunt so enjoyable is greatly appreciated. This trip was 30 years in the making and it has been the highlight of my hunting experiences. Don't change a thing....You give new meaning to "A Good Time was had by all".










John Burns, North Carolina, 2005 Rifle Deer Hunt: "Thanks again for the great hunt and the "adventure". Words can't express the great time I had and just being able to get away from work.........What a way to relax -- great friends, great hunting and awsome terrain.......We're already talking about when to make the journey for "Adventure II".


John Fletcher, California, 2003 & 2005 Rifle Deer Hunt: "Well it's been a little over a month since our trip, and a day has not passed that I see the rack of this giant Mule deer reflecting in the sunlight. Max next to me whispering, 'that's a huge buck'. Way to take all the pressure off, Max. After going through surgery last Feb. and starting to plan this hunt, then having it come full circle, has been a dream. Both you and your wives, and your attention to detail, was awesome. But the real reason this was such a successful experience, was the people. You were great. Thanks again."


Mike Ward, California, 2003 & 2005 Rifle Deer Hunt: "Wonderful accomodations. Awesome country. Great people. All added up to an outstanding hunt. Best ever. Plans are being made to return."


Ken Kopp, Florida, 2003 Rifle Deer Hunt: "We would like to express our sincere gratitude for a truly rewarding hunting experience. Your friendliness, dedication and attention-to-detail really made this trip a first class event. The accomodations were spacious, clean, and very comfortable. Your knowledge and deep understanding of the local terrain and deer population proved to be invaluable. We saw more deer in four days than we have in four years! The Nebraska steak dinner was exceptional and a classy touch. Alan, Ken, and Brian"

Adam Jones, West Virginia, 2002 Rifle Deer Hunt: "Crow Butte Outfitters offers first class, personal service. They will work with you to get your trophy. The Franey's will give you an enjoyable hunt that you will want to return for. I will hunt with them again."